My Current Notebooks


As if writing in notebooks and posting photos of them on Instagram isn’t enough, I decided to start a blog about my notebook obsession!

I am going to shoot for posting once or twice a month. I really don’t have the time to do more than that.

The above photo features the two traveler’s notebooks I use every day. The top one is a Chic Sparrow Pemberley in aubergine. It’s an A6 (4″ X 6″) and it holds my bullet journal, where I make monthly, weekly and daily to-do lists. The notebook on the bottom is a Prima Traveler’s Journal in champagne. It is in the regular/standard/narrow size (4.33″ X 8.25″). It holds four inserts; a blank insert I use for random notes, a grid insert I use to track the symptoms of my chronic illness, and another grid insert that I decorate, mostly in vintage style.


It also holds a Traveler’s Company Weekly Diary with Memo insert that I use to write little bits about each day so I can remember them later.


I’m also learning to art journal but I haven’t done much of that lately. Summer has been so busy and has flown by so quickly!